My Best of 2009

snowflake microEach day of the year, I find beautiful things to take photos of. It is an inspiration to see them when they are developed or uploaded onto my computer. It is what drives me to keep taking photos and exploring the world with my family. This year, I experimented with my camera a lot and I took the photography to a greater level than photos of my pets and my kids. The results have been unreal. Therefore, I am taking a look back at the things I have photographed over the last year since this will be my final post in 2009. I hope that you enjoy seeing some of them as much as I do.

Winter’s Chill

snowflakesIn January of last year, I began exploring micro photography. I had seen other people take amazing photographs of snowflakes and I wanted to be able to achieve the same photos. It was a truly rewarding photo and I have many that are my favorites.

Sunshine’s Beauty

One of the prettiest things you will see in a photograph is a sunset. I have attempted to get many pretty photos of the sunset in my area and have been rewarded with several great shots. However, this one will always be one of my most favorites.

Spring Has Arrived

In the spring, I focused mostly on flowers. Micro photography came in handy here as well, but there was also some that I chose to not do micro shots on. The results were impressive on all of them.

Stormy Weather

Storms are always something to behold. A camera can show things that may not be revealed to the eye. That is perhaps one of the main reasons I love this photograph so much.

For the Love of Trees

treeTrees are majestic in their own right. Some are tall, some are fat, and some change colors with the seasons passing. Here are my most favorite photos that show the true beauty of all trees.autumn