I Heart Faces Photo Walk Across America

Have you ever walked through your town or a store and actually took notice of the people around you? There are different faces everywhere. Different races that have their own way of living their life. We are all different, we are all unique, and we are all beautiful. For that reason, I walked around this past week and took photos of the people that I saw. Some are goofy, some are passionate, and some are just beautiful in their own way.

The Beauty Within

Each of the people I photographed had their own stories to tell. I took the time to listen to their stories and talk to them. I wanted to capture a bit of their personality in the photos that I was going to take of them. They all knew that I wanted to capture their inner beauty more than the way they look on their exterior. Most every person that I spoke to was happy to give me the chance.

Race Doesn’t Matter

Beauty is in every face that I see when I walk through town. I do not care how old a person is; I try to look beyond the wrinkles to see the person that they are inside. Kids are always easy to read. They are open books and wear their personality proudly.

Adults have learned to hide their thoughts and hide their personality when out in public. They know that they have to if they want to avoid judgement. It takes time to get through their shell, but once you do; you will find an amazing person that is a complete 180 from what you expect them to be based on the way they are dressed or the expression on their face.

Take the Time to Look at Others

I am here to encourage you to take the time to look around your area and see the faces of people who are nearby. You do not need to have a camera in your hand to take a moment to talk to another person. You simply have to show an interest and take a moment to get to know what they are hiding. You can often ask about their family and get them to open up. You can ask about their parents or their partner. They will be happy to share if you are willing to ask and perhaps share a little about yourself as well.