Playing Catchup

 Time with family is always a great thing, but there are times when it becomes hard to accomplish my goals of becoming a great photographer and spending time with them; especially those people who do not live with me. My parents, my sister, and I changed that this past weekend. We all got together so that we could spend a little time playing catchup to see what we had missed in each other’s world.

My Parents

My parents have been growing their garden and even planted a few trees. It is something that they enjoy doing together and I, for one, have always been amazed what their gardening skills. I can remember when I was little and they were just growing a garden. They would have summer crops that were amazing to see and to eat. Loads of tomatoes, corn, and more peas than any of us would ever want to prepare. Now that it is just the two of them, they focus more on flowers and still manage to get more blooms than anyone I’ve ever heard of before them.

My Sister

My sister has been remodeling her home a little. Adding fresh paint, which really can liven up any home. I helped her a little, but we were talking more than accomplishing things. She has also been building shelves and creating some crafts to accent the new paint job. Her creativity amazes me, though she says that anyone can get into woodworking and other crafts.

Time Spent Wisely

Anytime you hang out with family, you will be spending your time wisely. It doesn’t matter what part of your family tree you are focused on. My one word of advice to all people reading this is that whether you are a professional or an aspiring photographer; take the time to photograph those you love. Life happens to us all and one day you will be glad that you have the photos to remind you of what this year was all about.