Everyday there are new things to explore and new things to see. That is one of the main reasons I love taking photos of the world around me. However, I began as just someone who liked a point and shoot style camera. I wasn’t interested in fancy shots until a year or so ago when, as a gift, I received a high dollar camera that would go beyond point and shoot photography. It became my goal to learn how to use it and discover all that it could do. I began pouring over forums in search of other beginners. Then, decided that I wanted a better way to keep up with my progress. This website was born and I’ve since gone beyond photography and into other areas. Please join me as I continue to grow as a photographer and share a little about my day to day life.

My Journey Begins

I’ve always been interested in photography. Who doesn’t like pretty pictures? I never thought that I would be able to take photos that could be as beautiful as the ones that I see others taking. I have made it my goal to try out new things each week of the next year with my camera. I’ll explore the world of micro photography and take still shots, action shots, nature shots, and more. Each week something new to see and explore.

My efforts toward photography will also bleed over into something else that I am interested in. Healthy living and creating a relaxing world for my family. I will share information about the things I’ve tried and the things that we do as a family. I have some basic knowledge of what essential oils can do for a person. I like the ones that relieve stress and relax you, whether you are taking a bath at the end of a long day or drinking a glass of water with a kick.

My Family’s Support

I am a mom and wife. I am a daughter and a sister. I have a lot of titles and I embrace each and every one of them. I am passionate about spending time with my family and watching as we all grow and change. Our goal is to wake up each day and experience something together, whether it is trying a new food or going on a walk in the woods to see the beauty that nature holds for us all. We also go to the beach together and take long distance family vacations to explore the world around us.

My Hopes

I hope to not only create a space for my personal story, but a place where others can enjoy visiting. I want for us to get to know one another and perhaps have you share a little about your own experiences with me. Have you tried something that worked very well for you and your family? You can message me or leave comments. I will read and reply if at all possible and as time permits.