Fruity Infused Water

orange pineapple waterEveryone knows that drinking water during the summer time will help keep you cool and hydrated. However, there are very few of us who enjoy drinking water. It is bland. Sweeteners added may help some, but it still may not be as good as a tall glass of sweet iced tea or lemonade. Would you drink more water if you could add a little flavor to it without adding calories or sugars that are not necessarily good for you? If so, you should enjoy sipping on citrus and strawberry water.

Natural Flavors

citrus and strawberryCan you imagine what others would think if they opened up your fridge or showed up to your pool party and found a jug of fruit soaking in water? They would probably look at you a little weird, but curiosity would soon take over. They would want to give it a try and you could give them a burst of flavored water like none other. All you need is a lemon, a lime, an orange, and some strawberries to add the fruits. From there, to get the flavor kick quickly; you will want to have some essential oils. They may include lemon, lime, tangerine, and peppermint. Ice, water, and sprigs of mint will complete your new favorite summertime drink.

Other Alternative Water Solutions

watermelon waterIf you do not necessarily want to spruce up your water pitcher with fresh fruits, you can still use essential oils to flavor a bottle of water. There are many essential oil flavors available. They include the ones mentioned above as well as grapefruits and lavender. There are many people who are also quite fond of watermelon water, because it tastes great; even if you do not add in an essential oil flavor.

The Rewards of Essential Oils

Most all oils have benefits beyond adding flavor to your water. For instance, lavender is ideal for relaxing so you may want to use it at night before bed. Some peppermint and lime, both together or separate, can relieve headaches. Citrus flavors can make you feel better, grapefruit can control your appetite for sugary snacks, and if you mix combinations you will achieve even more benefits.

It is also good for detoxifying your body the natural way. This can help you feel better and perhaps cut out a few extra pounds that are weighing you down. Therefore, I encourage everyone to take a chance, try a few different flavors, and discover what you have been missing out on so far.

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