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Powering Our Busy Lives

technologyHow much do you depend on technology? It seems that we all depend on it throughout the day. We use it for entertainment, we use it for research and learning, and there are some who even use it for dating and keeping in touch with loved ones. Our lives depending on technology is both a great thing and a not so great thing. One major downfall to it is the fact that all the technology we depend on end up needing to be charged throughout the day and night. It means that a priority for each and every one of us centers on how we can go about powering our busy lives.

The Devices We Love

laptopsMost everyone has a smart phone which they can do virtually anything with. There are people who depend on smart watches, iPads, tablets, and laptops. There are devices that we use for work and there are devices that we use for play. Each of these devices relies on batteries which can go dead throughout the day. Therefore, most all of us now carry around power banks, which allow you to have basically a spare battery that you can carry around. They use them when there is no other way to charge up and most battery banks can give you a charge two or more times before needing a recharge themselves. However, what happens when you cannot charge it? How soon does your phone run down in a day? Where do you go when the weather turns severe and the power has been out for a while?

Life Without Charging

technology in citiesWhen extreme weather hits your area and the power goes out for a day or two, what do you do? How do you let family and friends know that you are okay? Most people no longer have a landline phone to depend on as a backup. Most of us cannot remember important phone numbers because it is all held on our phone. Once the battery dies, our chance of reaching out to others may slip away as well. Do you have a plan for how to handle this situation?

A Backup for Your Backup

With as much as we depend on technology and devices, we should all consider the “what if” side of things. No one wants to be without their devices. Therefore, many people are opting to purchase a cheap generator. This will give them power when no other power is available to them. Most can be purchased for only a little bit of money and they can last for years. Even if you only use it a time or two during the first year, it could easily pay for itself by offering conveniences like showering, watching television, using your laptop, or having lights when your kids are afraid of the dark. It will also give you the power that you need to ensure your smart phone, tablet, or iPads stay in full working order. What more could you ever hope for from a device?

Favorite Bathroom Upgrades

bathroom sinksA lot of people are growing tired of boring bathrooms. They are a place that we end up visiting often, but most of the time, there is no difference between one and another. If you could remodel and change the way your bathroom looks and performs for your family; would you do it? It has never been easier than now because there are so many new products available to give you a bathroom that is fit for a king on his throne. That is why we have a few of our favorite bathroom upgrades for you to consider.

Upgrades for Any Bathroom

shower headsDepending on the space your bathroom has, there are a lot of interesting things you can do to it. You can change out that boring bathroom vanity for one that has an above the cabinet type bowl for a sink rather than the recessed bowl. These sinks are reminiscent of old pedestal sinks, but have a contemporary design that many people love. It is an idea that works well, even in smaller bathroom space. Showers have also found new style with corner showers and showers with dual shower head fixtures. Toilets may now have built in bidets or have a tank that is much smaller than traditional toilets. Some also have toilet seats that raise and lower or light up when you walk near them. Tubs may have Jacuzzi jets or claw feet. They may stand alone in the center of the room or be placed near a wall. Virtually all bathroom items can become newer and better if you choose to upgrade them.

Updating Beyond the Furnishings

bathroom accessoriesThe standard furnishings for a bathroom do not have to be all that you update. If you are on a tighter budget, you may opt to simply update the fixtures. You can purchase bathroom fixtures in a variety of finishes, you can choose a toilet that offers dual flushes, meaning you can flush a little or a lot. You can change out the shower head to give you are higher pressure rating. There are a lot of different shower heads on the market and most all of them are going to be easy on the wallet. It is one of the main reasons people tend to start with high pressure shower heads like these.  They look great and will not cost you a fortune.

Accessories Matter

Admit it, you may have a new, but slightly boring bathroom. In this case, you can always use accessories to make it look better than ever before. Matching soap dishes or dispensers, affordable shelving, pictures, and other things will make the bathroom more inviting and relaxing. You may also want to dress up your shower with LEDs or a Bluetooth speaker to ensure that when you go in there; there will be nothing boring for anyone who goes inside of your bathroom. It can be a place that you are happy to show off to guests and your family who are stopping by. Are you ready to get started redecorating your bathroom with our favorite upgrades?

Picture Perfect Nursery

Every parent strives to create a baby safe house for their little ones and most start before the baby is born. Some of them work on the entire house and others focus their attention mostly on the nursery. Of the parents who focus on the nursery, they work very hard to create a nursery that stands out among all others that they may have seen before. It is an obsession that creates both a great and safe environment for all newborns, toddlers, and young children. Are you hoping to create your own picture-perfect nursery? If so, you may very well enjoy these ideas.

Designing The Picture Perfect Nursery

The Dream of an Adorable Nursery

Beautiful NurseryAny parent can work to create a dreamy nursery for their little one. If there are two couples expecting a baby at around the same time in the same family or friend circle, they may compete with one another to see who can create the most impressive nurseries. Luckily, there are a lot of crib accessories available that can create themed rooms and those that can create a space that is one-of-a-kind. They start with bedding and then it becomes more. Some of the most popular, top rated accessories include wall hangings, curtains, pictures, mobiles, and more. All that you have to do to start creating is decide which type and color of crib you want to have in the room. Most often, this will depend on the size of the space you are working in.

It Started with a Crib

round cribsSince so many are trying to create truly unique and special spaces for their little ones, there are now different shaped and different sizes of cribs available. Mini cribs are great for families that have only a small area to designate as the nursery. They are a good alternative to stationary, larger crib styles. There are cribs that also come in a variety of wood colors and types. You may also enjoy a uniquely colored round crib because they are something that most couples have never considered using. They are a fairly new product and you can learn more about them here. Once you have the crib, the rest will be easier for you to put together.

It Ended with Happiness

nursery themeThere are a lot of creative ideas for nurseries. You can create a room that is fit for a prince or a princess. You can create a room that features cuddly animal prints or one that has a style that is more “grown up” and will grow with your little one. You may choose bright, bold colors or more subtle tones that may be more relaxing to little ones. There are even nautical themed nursery decorations and camo decor for both little boys and girls. You simply have to decide which style you want to theme your infant’s nursery in and take a look at what you can find. Most likely, it will go well beyond your expectations and give your little one a wonderful place to grow and begin to explore the world around them. This will ensure that everyone is filled with happiness when you are done creating the picture perfect nursery.

The Yearly Pest Battle

fall fun  Summer and fall are two seasons that most people enjoy. There are several holidays which make for great time spent outdoors watching parades and doing other things. There are also family vacations to enjoy and barbecues to hold. The list of activities could go on and on. The downside is, everyone must first tackle the yearly pest battle and it is a challenge that even the healthiest people struggle to win.

The Healthiest Seasons is all about enjoying life and living well. There are no better times to do this than when summer comes and then fall cools the world back down again. Outdoor grilling is healthier to eat and who doesn’t enjoy grilled hot-dogs, hamburgers, and steaks? There are also tons of fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy. The most popular is watermelon, which has a season that peaks around the 4th of July when everyone wants to be outdoors. There are fruity drinks to enjoy during the hottest of summer days. Who doesn’t like a tall glass of lemonade? Fall brings about cooler weather, but also other favorites such as freshly baked pumpkin pie. My stomach starts grumbling with the thought of it. There is also grilled corn on the cob and tons of squash type vegetables available for casseroles.

The Bugs Attack

All of the outdoor fun can come to a screeching halt with the first mosquito virus threat. In the past, we have had to worry about West Nile, but then the Zika Virus made things worse. These insects are enough to keep everyone indoors. Then you also have sand gnats, horse flies, cow flies, ticks, and no see um bugs to deal with. There are people who are allergic to their bites and may swell up if bitten only once. There is nothing healthy or fun about an allergic reaction. These seasons

Taking Summer Back

Most people rely on spray repellents to keep them safe from bugs, but a lot of them have DEET, which concerns them. It has been proven that DEET can make you virtually invisible to all biting bugs. It just may cause major irritation to sensitive skin. This can be remedied by natural repellents, which is recommended. Sprays that have lavender or citronella in them can repel a lot of biting insects. You should also consider wearing clothes that are light, but cover your body. This can also help you to avoid painful sunburns. It is ideal for those days and nights when you venture to the beach or to watch your local fireworks show, and even when you go trick or treating with the kids or other family times at home. At home, you have more options including yard sprays that protect your yard from mosquitoes temporarily or even traps. You also need to ensure that you do not have water standing in your yard somewhere since mosquitoes and other insects love damp places.

You can enjoy summertime. You can live in the outdoors. It is harder to do and you have to work at it, but it is doable. You can win the yearly pest battle for yourself, your family, and your pets, who are also going to be attacked by insects of all types, including fleas.

The Perfect Gift for Everyone

Autumn LeavesIt will not be long until autumn and the winter holidays are upon us. Kids are going back to school soon and this means that our days will get shorter, but there are more things to be done. The bonus for me is more things to photograph, both indoors and out. However, because my interests go beyond simple photography; it also enables me to take up other hobbies that I enjoy. Discovering the perfect gift for everyone on my shopping list.

My Gifting Ideas

scrapbooking ideasA lot of times, when the holidays come near; I spend a lot of time taking photographs of family and friends. I try to take family photos that can be put onto cards or hung over the mantle in their home. My friends and family also like to give out the photos as gifts to grandparents and others, which means they are more than happy to pose their kids for a photo. It gives me a lot of chances to practice my techniques and I take full advantage of it. In some cases, I have everyone venture into the great outdoors where I try to take candid, un-posed, and natural photographs of them. These work great for creating scrapbook pages and holiday cards if there is snow on the ground.

Birthdays, Holidays, and More

washcloth animalsThere are so many things to celebrate during the winter months. For me, it is the ideal time to get creative. I’ve been known to not only be the photographer at birthdays and holiday celebrations, but I’ve been known to create handmade items that are then given out as gifts to those I care about. For instance, I make handmade reindeer and other animals out of washcloths, wooden plaques with family names or sentiments engraved or burned into them, and more. I have even attempted to make everyone’s skin a little softer by learning a tea tree oil lotion recipe. The people who have received this gift from me says that it is the best thing for dry winter skin and acne so I feel it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Let Go of Stress

Winter LeavesThe winter season can add a lot of stress to your days. You may deal with snowy days, impassable roads, after school activities, homework, and a variety of other things; including family dinners, which most people hate to think about. Instead of letting it get the best of you; I suggest you simply let go of stress. Winter is a beautiful time of the year. Keep things simple and if it cannot be simple; at least try to minimize the stress by doing the things you love. When you are feeling stressed, venture out into the world and look for something to photograph or something to create on your own. Start a scrapbook to remember the better times with your family over an enjoyable dinner. The options are unending and everything you do will bring you one step closer to being able to enjoy all that this season has to offer.


Everyday there are new things to explore and new things to see. That is one of the main reasons I love taking photos of the world around me. However, I began as just someone who liked a point and shoot style camera. I wasn’t interested in fancy shots until a year or so ago when, as a gift, I received a high dollar camera that would go beyond point and shoot photography. It became my goal to learn how to use it and discover all that it could do. I began pouring over forums in search of other beginners. Then, decided that I wanted a better way to keep up with my progress. This website was born and I’ve since gone beyond photography and into other areas. Please join me as I continue to grow as a photographer and share a little about my day to day life.

My Journey Begins

I’ve always been interested in photography. Who doesn’t like pretty pictures? I never thought that I would be able to take photos that could be as beautiful as the ones that I see others taking. I have made it my goal to try out new things each week of the next year with my camera. I’ll explore the world of micro photography and take still shots, action shots, nature shots, and more. Each week something new to see and explore.

My efforts toward photography will also bleed over into something else that I am interested in. Healthy living and creating a relaxing world for my family. I will share information about the things I’ve tried and the things that we do as a family. I have some basic knowledge of what essential oils can do for a person. I like the ones that relieve stress and relax you, whether you are taking a bath at the end of a long day or drinking a glass of water with a kick.

My Family’s Support

I am a mom and wife. I am a daughter and a sister. I have a lot of titles and I embrace each and every one of them. I am passionate about spending time with my family and watching as we all grow and change. Our goal is to wake up each day and experience something together, whether it is trying a new food or going on a walk in the woods to see the beauty that nature holds for us all. We also go to the beach together and take long distance family vacations to explore the world around us.

My Hopes

I hope to not only create a space for my personal story, but a place where others can enjoy visiting. I want for us to get to know one another and perhaps have you share a little about your own experiences with me. Have you tried something that worked very well for you and your family? You can message me or leave comments. I will read and reply if at all possible and as time permits.