The Perfect Gift for Everyone

Autumn LeavesIt will not be long until autumn and the winter holidays are upon us. Kids are going back to school soon and this means that our days will get shorter, but there are more things to be done. The bonus for me is more things to photograph, both indoors and out. However, because my interests go beyond simple photography; it also enables me to take up other hobbies that I enjoy. Discovering the perfect gift for everyone on my shopping list.

My Gifting Ideas

scrapbooking ideasA lot of times, when the holidays come near; I spend a lot of time taking photographs of family and friends. I try to take family photos that can be put onto cards or hung over the mantle in their home. My friends and family also like to give out the photos as gifts to grandparents and others, which means they are more than happy to pose their kids for a photo. It gives me a lot of chances to practice my techniques and I take full advantage of it. In some cases, I have everyone venture into the great outdoors where I try to take candid, un-posed, and natural photographs of them. These work great for creating scrapbook pages and holiday cards if there is snow on the ground.

Birthdays, Holidays, and More

washcloth animalsThere are so many things to celebrate during the winter months. For me, it is the ideal time to get creative. I’ve been known to not only be the photographer at birthdays and holiday celebrations, but I’ve been known to create handmade items that are then given out as gifts to those I care about. For instance, I make handmade reindeer and other animals out of washcloths, wooden plaques with family names or sentiments engraved or burned into them, and more. I have even attempted to make everyone’s skin a little softer by learning a tea tree oil lotion recipe. The people who have received this gift from me says that it is the best thing for dry winter skin and acne so I feel it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Let Go of Stress

Winter LeavesThe winter season can add a lot of stress to your days. You may deal with snowy days, impassable roads, after school activities, homework, and a variety of other things; including family dinners, which most people hate to think about. Instead of letting it get the best of you; I suggest you simply let go of stress. Winter is a beautiful time of the year. Keep things simple and if it cannot be simple; at least try to minimize the stress by doing the things you love. When you are feeling stressed, venture out into the world and look for something to photograph or something to create on your own. Start a scrapbook to remember the better times with your family over an enjoyable dinner. The options are unending and everything you do will bring you one step closer to being able to enjoy all that this season has to offer.

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