Favorite Bathroom Upgrades

bathroom sinksA lot of people are growing tired of boring bathrooms. They are a place that we end up visiting often, but most of the time, there is no difference between one and another. If you could remodel and change the way your bathroom looks and performs for your family; would you do it? It has never been easier than now because there are so many new products available to give you a bathroom that is fit for a king on his throne. That is why we have a few of our favorite bathroom upgrades for you to consider.

Upgrades for Any Bathroom

shower headsDepending on the space your bathroom has, there are a lot of interesting things you can do to it. You can change out that boring bathroom vanity for one that has an above the cabinet type bowl for a sink rather than the recessed bowl. These sinks are reminiscent of old pedestal sinks, but have a contemporary design that many people love. It is an idea that works well, even in smaller bathroom space. Showers have also found new style with corner showers and showers with dual shower head fixtures. Toilets may now have built in bidets or have a tank that is much smaller than traditional toilets. Some also have toilet seats that raise and lower or light up when you walk near them. Tubs may have Jacuzzi jets or claw feet. They may stand alone in the center of the room or be placed near a wall. Virtually all bathroom items can become newer and better if you choose to upgrade them.

Updating Beyond the Furnishings

bathroom accessoriesThe standard furnishings for a bathroom do not have to be all that you update. If you are on a tighter budget, you may opt to simply update the fixtures. You can purchase bathroom fixtures in a variety of finishes, you can choose a toilet that offers dual flushes, meaning you can flush a little or a lot. You can change out the shower head to give you are higher pressure rating. There are a lot of different shower heads on the market and most all of them are going to be easy on the wallet. It is one of the main reasons people tend to start with high pressure shower heads like these.  They look great and will not cost you a fortune.

Accessories Matter

Admit it, you may have a new, but slightly boring bathroom. In this case, you can always use accessories to make it look better than ever before. Matching soap dishes or dispensers, affordable shelving, pictures, and other things will make the bathroom more inviting and relaxing. You may also want to dress up your shower with LEDs or a Bluetooth speaker to ensure that when you go in there; there will be nothing boring for anyone who goes inside of your bathroom. It can be a place that you are happy to show off to guests and your family who are stopping by. Are you ready to get started redecorating your bathroom with our favorite upgrades?

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